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The Noble Rot: a luxurious “bubble” bath

Luxury Suite - Parlor (Pamela Martinez at the Harp) Photo by: Brian Quinn

There is but one word to describe this most recent Noble Rot affair: CHAMPAGNE. Where better to explore the drink of high ceremony than amidst a setting befitting princes, presidents and kings? Indeed, it was upon this past Friday that The Noble Rot commandeered a luxury suite in one of New York City’s finest hotels. One with a history and class whose reputation stands the true test of time. We sipped seven different sparkling wines and champagne before turning to a cocktail hour with one of our good friends from Little Branch, Vito, whipping up French 75’s (champagne, gin, lemon, simple syrup) and Royal Gold Rush’s (Champagne, bourbon, lemon, honey syrup). Every Gent and every Lady was dressed to the nines.

The bubbles we poured were:

  1. Kluge (a sparkler from Virgina)
  2. Benoit Lahaye Champagne Brut Rose de Maceration
  3. Crémant de Bourgogne “Extra Brut”, Clotilde Davenne – NV
  4. Crémant d’Alsace Brut Reserve, Baur – NV
  5. Touraine Rosé Sparkling “Méthode Traditionelle”, Sarl – NV
  6. Ayala Champagne Zero Dosage Brut Nature (NV)
  7. Charles Gardet Champagne Selected Reserve NV

In brief, we wanted to explore the world of bubbly and the many different tastes and methods of making this fine and delicate creature. How often are you handed a glass of sparkling wine, do you drink it, and not think much about it? Likely all-too-often. Beginning with an American styled sparkler, we led our guests through: a delicious French Rosé (#2) (and according to Damian of Cabrini Wines, Rosé is about the only thing that should be carbonated) to French Sparkling wine, which is not Champagne because

it is not produced, grown, aged, etc, in Champagne, but in it’s own AOC but is indeed made in the Champagne Method. Onward we travelled to another light and lovely Rosé (#5), ending with two fabulous Champagnes radically different in style and taste. Truth be told, the evening was more party than tasting, but then again, we’re not in the business of holding wine-classes, though we do try to impart a Noble sense of class. For fun: a sample of our tasting notes from the tasting

The Noble Rot’s CTN (Connoisseur Tasting Notes):

Kluge is light gold in color and can be melted down and turned into a bar of gold, which can then be sold to the US Government for a “sick” deal. Hints of copper will entice you to make pennies, but don’t, make gold. The classic richness of Pinot Noir, very rich, so rich in fact it was Forbes who recently listed Pinot Noir as the richest living being of all time, is balanced with anti-anxiety meds and various prescribed “uppers.” The nose is

floral with savory succotash, day-old coffee, sugar-daddy’s and the seasoned connoisseur will detect hints of the “Spice Girls” and their hit single “If You Wanna Be My Lover.” Kluge will linger in your mouth like an unwelcome after-party guest.

Pamela Martinez performed a lovely short set of beautiful music, one a cappella, two on her harp.And now, I leave the photographs to do the talking:

The lovely Ladies and dapper Gentlemen have arrived. Photo by Brian Quinn.

Amanda Wells in and on the fringe (taking photo). Photo by Laura Huben.

"That's right, I called security. They'll be taking Mr. Cigar back to Brooklyn any minute now." Photo by Laura Huben.

Bubble Bath in the Marbled Bath. Photo by Nora Leah.

Bubbles in the glass. Photo by Nora Leah.

Jonny Cigar is pouring his heart out. Photo by Brian Quinn.

This bedroom couldn't be happier. Photo by Brian Quinn.

Pamela Martinez sings a cappella - beautiful! Photo by Nora Leah.

A little harp music. Photo by Brian Quinn.

Back to the music of the bubbly as Brian Quinn pours. Photo by Amanda Wells.

The Magnificent Nick Gray. Photo by Laura Huben.

Jonny sits at his desk to write a letter. Photo by Amanda Wells.

Take a look at those feathers. Photo by Amanda Wells.

Within the foyer. Photo by Laura Huben.

Mayur, Lucina, Nora dressed to kill (in the bedroom). Photo by Laura Huben.

Jonny Cigar opens the last bottle of Champagne for the evening. Photo by Brian Quinn.

Cocktail Hour is underway, in the Marbeled Bath with Vito making magic. Photo by Nora Leah.

Cats in the Boudoir. Photo taken with Nora Leah's camera.

2:00am. Photo by Brian Quinn.

Jonny Cigar and Brian Quinn, blurred by the blazing fire. Photo by Amanda Wells.

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