April 5, 2010 2 comments Articles & Reviews, By Jonathan Cristaldi

Sake Land

Sake Land

British Museum Masanobu courtesan, sake drinkers

Sake: many a mystery for many of us. On April 17th, The Noble Rot will host an event aimed at exploring the world of Sake. Mike Lee of Studiofeast will pair a fine selection of foods to accompany, and Monica Samuels, a Sake Ambassador and Brewmaster will enlighten us with everything we did and didn’t know about Sake.

Recently, Brian, Mike, and myself, me, and I visited Decibel for a bit of research. What we found was that our server loved to help us with recommendations, and he was keen on all the expensive sakes. Every single one. He wouldn’t touch anything less than $15 a glass. Fair enough, we all have our vices. We went along, and surely, these sakes were all different in style and taste, delightful and not-so-delightful, and we did learn a thing or two, mostly, that you can and can’t trust your server. There are plenty of premium sakes that don’t and shouldn’t cost $15 a glass at any respectable sake joint. Check back in with Winetology after April 17th for a comprehensive report on: The Adventures of Jonny Cigar and Sake.

Until then, remember this Japanese proverb:

Three sakes in the gut is better than one in the teeth.


Once in the rice, Twice in the Thrice.


  1. tak

    wow, i am excited for this night. sounds exciting but i wana know what we’ll be drinking….

    1. Jonny Cigar

      Ah, this is a very good question, indeed… however, the allure of our events evolve around your not necessarily knowing what brands we’ll be tasting, but we can promise it will wow and impress you. However, good Sake Land folk, if it becomes a question of life or death, as in, your coming or not coming, we can discuss further, on the battlefield of course. Please be patient as we sift through all the requests — we’ve received many RSVP’s and operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. You’ll hear from us tomorrow. May the sake be with you. — Jonny

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