January 31, 2011 0 comments Articles & Reviews, By Jonathan Cristaldi


Napa Redux (Take One)

Brian Quinn, Hardy Wallace, Christina Turley, Heather Munden, Jonny Cigar. Photo by Ashley Teplin.

St. Helena, CA heard us roar. This past Saturday, January 29 – we hosted our first Noble Rot event in Napa Valley. We begat the first installment of The Noble Rot Talks with a podcast recording. Three wine personalities – Hardy Wallace, Christina Turley and Heather Munden.

I’ll circle back with a post about my thoughts on this event however for now, you are invited to revel in the discussion and listen below. This was an exciting and truly engaging conversation, so if you’ve the time, listen to all sections! Especially the final where we challenge these our Napa friend’s experienced palates.

Also, the event was written up by notable blogger Deirdre Bourdet on her blog: Hedonism Ink: Writing about the fun stuff. CLICK HERE to read her post!

INTRO (8:29) — Jonny and Brian introduce themselves, tell some jokes, talk about why the Noble Rot is in Napa and what we’re trying to accomplish.

HARDY1 (3:32) – Hardy Wallace of the NPA (Natural Process Alliance) in Santa Rosa, CA.

HARDY2 (5:42) More from Hardy.

CHRISTINATURLEY (6:33) Christina Turley talks about her family’s new wine! “The Label.”

HEATHER1 (4:43) – Heather Munden, winemaker at St. Francis, also has her own label, “Fama” !!

HEATHER2 (5:03) – More from Heather.

CHALLENGE (3:24) – Thank you, and a Challenge for our audience’s palates…

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