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February 10, 2011 0 comments Articles & Reviews, By Jonathan Cristaldi

Putting the SO in SOCIAL for Social Media T’week

Eats + Apps logo by Brian Quinn, improved by Jonny Cigar

It’s Social Media Week here in New York City. And while the rest of the country is worried that they are missing out on something “big” the other rest of the country has no idea what Social Media Week is, nor do they care.

“So!” says Julie, a 26-year old Graduate of Wisconsin Agro State University. “I’m definitely not tweeting about this ‘Social Media Week’ and anyways I don’t even have a twitter thing.”

Julie’s perfectly articulated English got me thinkin’. I said to myself, I said, “Jonny, you gotta go out there and put the “SO” back in “SOCIAL.” Okay, I agreed with myself and decided to post this flog blog. With the Julies of the world scoffing at this seemingly New York Centric Media-Palooza Week, I hope that with a few words I am able to inspire So-Sayers to convert and instead praise the technology that is single-handidly turning language into apple sauce.

Here are those words: Sinatra, Gatbsy, Fledgling, Concupiscence, Comeuppance, [and finally] Googum.

In other news, The Noble Rot collaborated with Food + Tech (Danielle Gould) as well as with Emily Cavalier (Mouth of the Border) to organize a SMW event called EATS + APPS. This critically acclaimed event was held at 4food – a new food concept that utilizes an interactive ordering system that lets diners create over 140 million combinations of burgers & fillings, save them for future ordering and then share their creation with their friends and networks via social media. Rev, self-proclaimed “World’s Most Socially Connected Burger Blogger” wrote about the event here. Some of the most awesomest food apps and one wine app (Snooth) was present. Jordan Winery graciously donated their delectable 2006 Cab and Chardonnay for the event and so I was able to talk about one of my favorite places: The Alexander Valley.

Look: all fun and games aside we at The Noble Rot understand the importance of Social Media. We get it. We get apps too. We fu#%ing love apps and we fu#%ing love Social Media. We even capitalize it. We love it and get it better than probably a lot of people. And why, you ask? Why, Jonny does The Noble Rot get Social Media and love apps so fu#%ing much?!?! Because, Julie, we believe in the power of communication. We believe in the power of powerful generators of power and influencers. We want to have influence. You ever hear of wine? You ever hear of technology? Imagine the two combined.

IMAGINE: WINE + TECHNOLOGY. You know what can come of that? “So.” You say? Well, just you wait, because The Noble Rot is positioned to reveal, at some uncertain point in the near-future, a revelation.

A Revelation… coming to a world near you, soon. Wine + Technology = A Revolutionary New App That Will Blow Your Face Clear Off Your Face. Tweet that. End scene.