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May 28, 2011 0 comments Articles & Reviews, By Jonathan Cristaldi

The L Magazine Asks What We’re Drinking Memorial Day Weekend

Mr. Keith Wagstaff at the L Magazine asked moi, along with several other notable booze-experts what they might be drinking this fine and weathered Memorial Day Weekend.

The article is here and I have a few comments:

According to Lauren Shockey, El Cobre has the Dark and Stormy cocktail on Tap… now that gives me ideas!

“What else can we put on tap?!”
“Why, anything, little Jonny.”
“Anything in the world?”
“Yes, anything and everything. Even chocolate milk.”
“Boy, do I love chocolate milk!”
“I know you do, little Jonny, I know. But where do we go from here?
“I don’t know Uncle Sam. I don’t know.”

As for the rest of the drinks being drunk, it seems some of the tastemakers are drinking their own brews and the like. That kind of thing makes me think of Frank Sinatra who said he never, ever listens to his own music. There’s booze for thought.