March 10, 2011 0 comments Articles & Reviews, By Jonathan Cristaldi

James Beard Foundation Greens, SXSWi, Sinatra Simulacra

Jonny Cigar and BK Winery Winemaker Connor McCormack. Photo courtesy of James Beard (himself!).

“Someone said drink the water, but I will drink the wine.” – Lyric by Paul Ryan.

Let’s talk in threes for this wonderfully brief but loaded flog blog schmost post.

1. James Beard Foundation Greens (as in the James Beard Foundation, but green). The Noble Rot played host at the Brooklyn Winery to the James Beard Greenlings. A delightful bunch, schooled in the art of wine blending. Connor McCormack, BK Winery winemaker, joined us, lending a bit of “legitimate” knowledge to whole affair. We were given a tour of the winery and I interrupted a lot to make jokes while Connor did his best to refrain from stuffing me in one of the tanks and suffocating me with a blanket of CO2. Thanks for refraining Connor! My wife thanks you. Thanks you for nothing. She’s furious. The insurance money would have been worth more than I’ll ever bring home. What a great damn time we had. Log into the other Google (Facebook) and see for yourself here.

Jonny blesses the wine (Deacon Cigar). Photo courtesy of James Beard.

2. SXSWi. (South by Southwest interactive). Austin, Texas comes into its own every year as the world turns toward SXSW extravaganzas. So, we too will take our turn. Here’s how it happened: over coffee with Danielle Gould of Food+Tech Connect I had an epiphany. I wrote down the word “IDEA,” on a piece of paper and next to it “(COMM),” and together it looked like this: Idea(COMM). Let’s back up: Danielle asked us to participate in creating a very exciting event for the interactive SXSWi front. Her raison d’etre is to connect food communities with the technology that can help foster and grow those communities. So, we came up with a Farm-to-Table interactive concept, which materialized as Idea(COMM), which stands for “Instant Data Evolves a Community.” Not bad, eh? The idea: invite chefs to create menus and source all the ingredients locally, direct from farmers using apps, and brilliantly designed websites for just that purpose. Curious to know more? Go here.

Cigatra. Photo by Katie Sokoler.

3. Sinatra Simulacra. On Thursday, April 14, in this the year of 2011, an epic evening unravels: a cocktail hour with quaffs stirred up by some of the best mixologists in New York City, a twelve-piece orchestra, brand new arrangements of Sinatra favorites by Daniel Barnidge, who recently arranged music for… Sting, Jonny Cigar crooning, singing, swinging and reflecting on Frank Sinatra. An invite will go out soon, but only 75 seats are available for this one-night spectacular. The venue is Dixon Place.

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