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Gawking Upon A Rooftop | Bowery Mission Benefit | The Noble Rot

It was on a Thursday evening past–September 17th–upon the Gawker Media rooftop, that we, the noble rot, partnered with The Bowery Mission’s Young Philanthropists to host a benefit party for the Mission.

Gawker Media Rooftop

Gawker Media Rooftop

Gawker Media Rooftop

Gawker Media Rooftop

Joel Beaver's LES Hot Club

Joel Beaver’s LES Hot Club

What happened? I’ll tell you what happened: We raised a handsome some of dough, indulged in pizza, hot dogs, waffles, and of course–wine. Red wine, white wine, wine wine and wine. There was swing jazz music all day and all night provided by Joel Beaver’s LES Hot Club inclusive of a young prodigy on the violin, one Jonathan Russell. We extended a sincere thanks to Stacey Stecko of the Mission and our old friend Damian from Cabrini for organizing the winelikes of winewonders. Ramon Del Monte, from Tempranillo, was on hand as well, pouring and educating guests on the delights of Rioja.

Unlike our proprietary events, I was not hosting, but rather Mr. James Macklin, spokesperson for the Bowery Mission, presented a short video that told his story of how the Bowery changed his life, and continues to help those in need–those forced to live on the streets. As the evening progressed, I regaled guests with¬†rapturous tales from a recent trip to Napa Valley. I talked of time well-spent mining for gold and how if you save enough sediment from enough wine over the years, it would be possible to sift out flakes of gold and eventually put together a full “bar du gold” worth at least one bavillion dollars. Yes, I said bavillion (it happened).

“Look at the bright side,” said the Tempranillo grape to the Cabernet grape.

“I only walk on the sunny side of the street,” said the Cabernet grape.

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