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Speed blogging (10 Wines in 50 Minutes)

10 Wines 10 Minutes

TEN WINES in 50 MINUTES — live blogging from the #WBC14 in Santa Barbara. Here goes–please excuse typos!

Rating 1 to 5 (1 being a wine I didn’t like much, 5 being one I did, pretty straightforward)

Pacific Rim 2012 Dry Riesling from Columbia Valley ($10)

Interesting fact: winemaker Nicholas Quille originally from Burgundy, making wine for these cats in Columbia Valley – working toward producing total bio-dynamic wines. Rating: 4 — bright, citrus, crisp, food friendly

Urban Legend 2013 Grenacce Blacn Capay Valley ($21)

Interesting fact: grown east of Lake Berryesa in the Capay Valley – tiny lots, 120 cases. A group in Washington state called “Secret Sauce” designed the label. Rating: 3.5 — oily, citrusy, leesy

Uproot 2012 Grenache Blanc ($34)

Interesting fact: “What will shock you is our alcohol level – we are bringing transparency and putting the “actual” ABV level.” – Jay Levy owner, Greg Scheifeld is the Winemaker 6’7”. Rating: 3.5 — a little smoky and bright citrus.

Charles Krug 2013 Sauvignon Blanc ($18)

Interesting fact: Widest distribute wine, on the national market, estate bottled, Rating: 4 — flecks of green, smoky and salty and grassy

Oro Bello 2013 Chardonnay ($17-$19) (Coastal wine)

Interesting fact: the winemaker is Alexandre Remy and his inspiration was “the best chard I ever had in my life was from Burgundy, — a place named “Drops of Gold” and that is what Chardonnay is about for me. Rating: 4.5 — light in color, creamy, gorgeous mouthfeel, slightly toasty, elegant, some tropical kiwi lusciousness (first vintage!!)

Agnitiō 2012 Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley ($26.50)

Interesting fact: All about giving back to our vineyard workers. We created a scholarship program for their children. From Coombsville AVA and Oakville AVA – some barrel ferment! Neutral and new oak — a “cigar” barrel — Didier Dagueneau invented. It’s a little longer and especially amde for SB and allows for greater lees contact. Rating: 4 — salty, touch of oak, lemons and grapefruit and

Aurella 2012 Columbia Valley MaryHill (Marsanne-Roussanne blend) ($24)

Interesting fact: Largest winery in Washington State – 90,000 cases, 31 different varieties. Specialize in Cab, Zin and Merlot. Washington Winery of the Year by Winepress Northwest in 2009. “Aurelia” is the Latin origin for “Golden” Rating: 4.5 — delicious almond notes and

Yorkville Cellars 2011 Cuvée Brut ($36)

Interesting fact: About 300 cases of this. Make about 50 different kinds of wine. First family to plant Carmenere in America. Rating: 2.5 Intense baking spice and cinnamon notes – drinks almost like a red ale, pears and apples and blackberries, super creamy mouthfeel

Gypsy Canyon Ancient Vine Angelica ($150) 375ml

Interesting Fact: It’s a friggin Angelica. Period. Rating: 3.5 — super sweet and balanced between mineral and almonds and candied peaches and jazz like that.

Aridus 2012 Chardonnay — an Arizona Winery! ($35)

Interesting fact: Winery based in Arizona but trucks in grapes from Santa Maria – 50% native yeast and 50% industrial yeast. They do make wines from Arizona too, like a Viognier. Rating: 4 — brioche nose, lemon peel and leesy, Tropical notes on the palate mixed with citrus

PS — To read Marcella Newhouse’s take on the session, go here. We sat next to each other, tasting and typing ferociously!

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