May 7, 2009 Articles & Reviews, By Jonathan Cristaldi

From Brooklyn to Spain: How an East Village Tapas Bar Stained My Teeth Rioja

Pata Negra

A bit of plotting and planning led to the first of what I hope will be a series of wine-events in partnership with Cabrini Wines. Damian, Cabrini’s wine director, invited us to an event at Pata Negra, a tapas bar in New York City on 12th Street between First and Second Ave, specializing in Jambon. (I brought along Amanda, my “fiancée” who doesn’t eat red meet or pork, but who may have tasted some prosciutto when I was not looking). Ramon A. Del Monte of Tempranillo hosted and poured for us a great deal of Spanish wine and I have many thanks to impart to the Spanish D.O.C. (Denominacion de Origen Calficada) for all they did to us.

The evening began around 7:00pm and ended in a flurry of cab-rides from one place to another and while my umbrella is lost forever to the world of “Things Lost in NYC Cabs for $100 Alex” my notes survived and they are preserved with nutritious sulfites for you below.

2007 Botani | White | Dry-Muscatel | from Malaga in the south of Spain
CRS Score: 93,678,905,345,777,655,989 | Notes: T.G., D.F.S., pretended to be sweet but was dry!

2007 Solnia
| Red | Rioja | young-house red 100% Tempranillo
CRS Score: 130,670 | Notes: Berry-forward-Vanilla hinting Vanilla and Bath&Body fruity body creams purchased mostly by teenagers.

2004 Allende | Red | Rioja | 100% Tempranillo
CRS Score: 6,789,455 | Notes: Agesd in “Allier” French Oak barrels for 18 mos and then bottle aged for 12-24 mos.

LEARN: There are two kinds of French oak 1) Allier 2) Bordelaise (according to Ramon these are the only two types of French oak that are used for barrel aging. We at Winetology will run a fact check from our facilities located around the world in undisclosed locations.)

2005 San Vincente
| Red | Rioja | | 100% Tempranillo
CRS Score: 8,467,325,995 | Notes: R.C.C., D.G., R.L., B.B.B.B., Smooth and sensual, hints of coy, and having stopped here would not have needed Advil™ the next day.

2004 Muga | “The Viagra of Wine” | Blend: 75% Tempranillo, 15% Mazuelo, and 10% Graciano
CRS Score: 9,999,999,999,999,999,543,999,999,250 | Notes: So smooth, so creamy, so damn good, like butter and blood sausage on French toasted brioche, and my notes at this point are fairly illegible. I’m not sure what “Cali hung frenc wood make their own rappers” means. But it must mean, “Wow.” And at around $36 a bottle, this is a steal.

2005 Finca Sandoval | red, I think | 76% Syrah 11% Bobal 13 % Mourvedre | East Central Spain | Unfiltered (as were most of the wines poured)
CRS Score: about 999,999,250 less than Muga | Notes: ???

2006 Malaga | White | 100% Muscatel
CRS Score: N/A | Notes: Impossible. (Can’t score something I don’t remember ☺)