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The Noble Rot (event): Happy Fu#%ing Vallentine’s Day

Aprille Goodman, Brian Quinn, Jonny Cigar.  The Noble Rot’s “Happy Fu#%ing Valentine’s Day!” Photo by Laura Huben.

“My funny valentine… sweet comic valentine… you make me smile with your heart…”

Indeed, good and lovely winos. In the spirit of love and wine, The Noble Rot hosted an event last night (Sunday) that made our guests smile with not only their hearts, but also with the wonders of wine, chocolate and 34-hour short ribs.

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn we teamed up with the dynamic artisanal choco-fiend Daniel Sklaar of Fine & Raw along with Mike Lee of supper club Studiofeast to bring the perfect combination of food and dessert to an evening fueled by natural wines provided and presented by Pamela Govinda of The Natural Wine Company. Songstress Aprille Goodman sang her heart out and melted the room and some of the chocolate. Masseuse and Holistic Health Councilor Jessica Shepard shed tension with her holistic bodywork on willing guests, and believe me, all were willing… That’s right, we had a masseuse.


The evening begat with a rough start. Guests were forced into drinking sparkling rosé cave, while simultaneously indulging in strawberries and cheeses. We hosted The Noble Rot Talks, a series of interviews with our guest experts and artisans. The idea: through intimidation and embarrassment we reveal the necessary facts and realities of our idealistic collaborations. Mike Lee along with Derrick Yeun and Soomin Baik cooked up an incredible meal, which Mike Lee describes in his interview below. The chocolates, described by Sklaar, were exceptional and as Fine & Raw prepares their chocolate sans sugar, we were instead high on a coconut oil.

Check out this incredible sped up video of the event, by Studiofeast.

The Natural Wine Company provided very interesting an exciting wines and I’ve listed and scored them here on the Jonny Cigar Connoisseur Rating System (CRS):

*German Gilabert Cava Rosat (Sparkling Rose) CRS Rating: 450,000. Notes: Easy. Love the color: Ruby. Love the taste. Love, love, love.

*Binner Savuers Field Blend 2008 (Still White) CRS Rating: 56,456,700. Notes: Lees! Unfined, unfiltered heaven. Nose like you wouldn’t believe.

*Descendientes de Jose Paliacios Petalos 2008 (Still Red) CRS Rating: 47,983,234. Notes: Like a pinot but not screaming for attention. Clean. Well-mannered.

*Hochar 2003 of Chateau Musar (Still Red) CRS Rating: 23,498. Notes: You gotta love Bret to love this wine, but it is certainly integrated well. Very well. And it’s from Lebanon where they’ve been making wine since the bible has been churning out stories. Very interesting and worth a try because you may love the horse out of it.

*Schola Sarmenti Roccamora 2007 (Still Red) CRS Rating: Honorary Infinity. Notes: Why a perfect score? It’s fresh, indulgent, talks back but speaks in lyrical poetry. Tastes like chocolate and then like berries and turns you into a better writer than Hemingway. And the best part: $14.99. Beat that Opus One.

For your audio listening pleasure …THE NOBLE ROT TALKS/ INTERVIEWS:


Jonny Cigar Intro and reading from Les Fleurs Du Mal (2:34)

Pam Govinda of The Natural Wine Company (4:54)

Pamela Govinda (photo not from the event, as Pam somehow eluded our camera all evening! A real pro.) Photo courtesy of Pam’s Facebook page. The Natural Wine Company: “Great Wine. Minimally messed with.”

Pam discusses the evening’s wines (7:12)

Daniel Sklaar of Fine & Raw (4:07)

Jonny talks with Daniel Sklaar of Fine & Raw. Fine & Raw: “We’re particularly fond of creatively intoxicating your palate by crafting raw cacao with other raw discoveries.”

Mike Lee of Studiofeast (3:09)

Jonny talks with Mike Lee of Studiofeast. Photo by Studiofeast. Studiofeast: “is an invitation only culinary collective that focuses on creating new gastronomic experiences. Our events are a platform for new ideas in dining and we express ourselves through our food and social gatherings.”


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