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February 11, 2009 0 comments Articles & Reviews, By Jonathan Cristaldi

The Day I Met Dan Aykroyd and Tasted His Wine


There he was. Dan Aykroyd and me. The place–Union Square Wines in NYC–was practically empty. My pal Morgan Z manned the camera while I approached Dan’s table. I mustered the nerve to speak: “So… how long have you been into wine?” (I meant to ask, “How long have you been into making wine?”) He produced a chortel and said, “Well, jeez, I’ve been drinking wine forever, but if you’re asking how long I’ve been into making wine, well, about four years. Who’s this to?”

“Jonathan,” I mumbled, already self-loathing.

“There you go,” and he proudly presented me the bottle. “Oh, and, let it sit out about 20 minutes before drinking it.”

“Sure thing,” I lied, straight through my teeth. As he was signing, I decided to never, ever, never open that bottle. I will auction it off on ebay in 20 years. Take that Aykroyd!