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January 3, 2013 0 comments Articles & Reviews, By Jonathan Cristaldi

Let Me Upgrade You: The 10 Champagnes Rappers Should Be Drinking

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Champagne: the ultimate symbol of celebrity, fame and fortune. Those who top Forbes’ various lists of the richest people in the world bathe in it, and the hip-hop community has certainly embraced it a choice beverage for both drinking and spraying on video vixens.

But when it comes to popping bottles, rappers are stuck in a dull holding pattern. Dom Pérignon, Cristal, and Moët—plus the odd rosé—are pretty much the only sparklers that get any love, unless you’re rolling with Jay-Z, who pushes the gaudy, gold-bottled Armand de Brignac (ne Ace of Spades). There’s nothing wrong with these wines, but a little diversity wouldn’t go amiss.

When it comes to bubbly, having good taste can actually mean spending less money, not more, since you avoid the hype and price gauging. With New Year’s Eve around the corner… READ MORE.