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October 18, 2012 0 comments Articles & Reviews, By Jonathan Cristaldi

The Top 5 French Wines Your Father Drank and Why

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When it came to vino, turns out dad was a goddamn boss. Here’s how to be more like him.

Imagine a world where common television commercials featured wine, Chianti came proudly in straw baskets, and Liebfraumilch (mother’s milk)—a sweet, simple, inexpensive German wine—was in vogue. Prior to the infamous 1976 Paris tasting, in which a panel of reputable tasters awarded first place to a California red and white wine, most of Americans were not convinced there was much quality in domestic wine. Most were drinking sweet mouth-puckering concoctions that came by the gallon and whether these fermented juices paired well with dinner was of little consequence. But then, there wasyour dad.

He’d been to France. He’d taken a wine class in college and had friends whose parents referred to their wines merely by vintage—the “55s,” “59s,” and “61s.” This man, the patriarch and protector of a carefully curated family wine stash, would bring to the dinner table bottles of red wine sporting labels riddled with foreign words.

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September 5, 2012 0 comments Articles & Reviews, By Jonathan Cristaldi

Winetology Wednesdays on

Holy Smokes! Holy Corks! Is it true?! My most recent post was June 15th? Faithful Winetologists hear me out:

I moved to Los Angeles mere days after the post below. I’ve just returned from a short trip to NYC to participate in #CabernetDay and that event was chronicled quite well by the lovely and talented Michelle Young of Untapped Cities – here.

About a month ago I began writing a  bi-weekly column on The Bloggery at My inaugural post is here and the second post, about #CabernetDay is here.

I hope you enjoy and you may begin once more to check here regularly for writings on all things wine, wine likely on wine. I’ll also begin writing about wine and will occasionally touch upon wine and wine culture and wine drinking and tasting and rating and likely will showcase winemakers who make wine. For now, enjoy this short video on how NOT to saber delicious bubbly: